Possible to show DAYs in Date/Time?

Hello all,

This might be a silly question – but any way to play around with the date ‘appearance’ settings?

Mine currently displays as follows: yyyy/mm/dd

1.) Is there any way to have this swap round >> i.e. dd/mm/yyyy
2.) More importantly >> any way to add the day to this? I.e. Tue/20/01/2015?

I find myself scanning dates – and constantly having to 1st work out where I’m at, at the moment, before doing the mental calculations to work out what day I’m looking at, represents?

Anyone else do this – or am I the only slow one when it comes to working that out? :)


Dates are shown as ‘dd-mm-yyyy’ in my OmniFocus.
So I guess this is not a setting in OmniFocus, but rather the system defaults of your mac.

You might want to check System Preferences > Language & Region, click ‘Advanced’ and check the settings on the ‘Dates’ tab. My guess is that OmniFocus is using one of these date-formats. I’m not sure if it is possible to tell OmniFocus which one of these formats (short, medium, long or full) to use…
Remember when you change things here: other apps on your mac use these settings as well!

These are my (Dutch) settings:



That did the trick.
The full day at the beginning was too lengthy/cumbersome to fit in, but the drop-down inside the Day element allows you to select Mo / Tu / We / Th etc. >> this works a treat!

Many thanks!