Possible to "Show Full Hierarchy" like in v1? [A: not yet, see thread.]

In OmniFocus 1 there was the option to show the full context string within a task e.g. “Waiting : John Smith”. I am not finding that within OmniFocus 2 and using the same example am only seeing “John Smith” even though it is really “Waiting : John Smith”. Am I missing how to turn that on; is it not available in OF2; or am I dreaming that it was ever in OF1?

You’re not dreaming - there was a preference that did this in version 1. The new version offers many delights, but there are a few things that haven’t yet been reimplemented. This is one.

We’ve got a regression bug filed on this; if yourself and the other folks that want to see this added (mostly speaking to future readers of the thread, here) email omnifocus@omnigroup.com, we’ll be able to prioritize this work against all the other changes people are requesting. Thanks!

Hi – was this ever roadmapped?

I have a few Single Action-based projects that have the same name, but fall under different folders (e.g., “Personal >> Generic Tasks” vs. “Work >> Generic Tasks”) and I’d love for the ability to see the full hierarchy in my perspectives’ groups.


Just adding to the list. This is one of the feature omissions that is holding me back from using OF2. Please add soon!

To be sure your voice is heard on any features you’d like to see added to our products, I would encourage you to let us know via email at OmniFocus@OmniGroup.com please.

Thanks! I did that.

Do you have a feeling for whether OF2 will ever catch up to OF1 though? It’s been well over a year, and it seems to us that developing widgets and watch doodads may have taken priority over actually getting OF2 to be feature complete, when compared to OF1.

In a nutshell, we don’t want to change to a competing service, but OF1 isn’t going to work forever (best guess: it’ll break with Mac OS 10.12 in about a year) and we were hoping for some ray of hope that OF2 will be ready for regular use (i.e., at least as full featured as OF1) before that happens.

Any information we could get about the roadmap for fixing the removed OF1 features would be great!

If there are features you really miss, definitely shoot us an email and let us know! We don’t have any sort of roadmap of what’s coming up, mostly because that can change and is dependent on a number of factors- some of which we don’t have much control over.

There are quite a lot of things we are working on, some of them are features and some of them are bug fixes or updates to accomodate for the changes in the OS X. You can see in the release notes for OmniFocus 2, that in the last 2 months there have been three new updates. The contents of those updates is outlined in the notes. https://www.omnigroup.com/releasenotes/omnifocus-mac (Also available from the help menu in-app.)

As far as I can tell, it wasn’t implemented, right?

I have checked all settings in OF2, but nothing like that there.

Still not implemented??

It’s only been 3,years since the original post so we don’t want to appear impatient. (Yes -sarcasm intended) While the OF2 app is overall good and solid, the level of responsiveness from the OF organization to feedback leaves a lot to be desired.

If more people sent a feature request e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com then this feature request will shoot up the priority list. So start voting!