Possible to sync Omnifocus 2 on iPhone with Omnifocus 1 on Mac via WebDAV?

Is it possible to sync Omnifocus 2 on iPhone with Omnifocus 1 on Mac via WebDAV?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, all releases of OmniFocus 2 are currently fully sync-compatible with the latest releases of OmniFocus 1.

I expect that to remain true through the rest of 2014, but it won’t be true forever: some of the improvements we plan to make to future versions of OmniFocus 2 will change the sync format in ways that aren’t compatible with OmniFocus 1. If you need to maintain compatibility with OmniFocus 1, I recommend keeping a backup copy of compatible builds of OmniFocus 2. (How can you make backup copies of the app? Well, on Mac, you can use Finder to compress a copy of your OmniFocus app so you have a safe archive that won’t get automatically updated. For iPhone and iPad, you can use iTunes to download the current app, then select it and use File->Show in Finder to reveal the OmniFocus 2.ipa app archive file and use Finder to make a copy so you can put it back if iTunes automatically updates it.)

But again, none of this should matter until 2015 at the earliest. In the meantime, please let us know what’s holding you back from upgrading to OmniFocus 2 so we can try to do something about it.

Thanks for asking, and I hope this helps!