Possible to view all repeating tasks?

I’m curious if there’s any way to view all repeating tasks in one place, regardless of due date or project of origin? (This is another Things feature which I’m curious if exists in OF2.)

I guess one could create a context called “repeating” and manually assign all repeating tasks to it, but that’s an extra step and seems inelegant.


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Hey Mike, there is no built-in filter right now that would allow you to see all of your repeating tasks. If this is something you’d like to see make it into the app, can you shoot us an email so we can get your feedback added to our development database?

As for current workarounds to do this, there are 3 I can think of:

  1. Flag repeating task.
  2. Add a Repeating context as you mentioned.
  3. Add a tag (i.e. #repeat) to the title or note for all repeating items. You can then use a custom perspective (Pro) to filter for tasks with that tag.
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Thanks Valyria. I’ll probably stick with the context workaround for now.


I would simply like to just view all repeating tasks at a glance in the new layout view in 2.3.1 A huge step towards what we had in OF1 finally and I am almost ready to switch over. Still a few issues like being able to see if something is repeating with out having to go through everything and highlight them to check in the inspector. I use this all the time with tasks that are repeating and need catching up on.

I hope all the shortcuts for dates that we use to to be able to do are also added and fixed in OF2. Loved the update for 2.3 with layout, I really hope Omni Group keeps on working on bringing the possibility of what we had back so I can finally make the jump to OF2.

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I usually just create a Single Action List that holds all of my routine tasks. I have a routine SAL inside each folder.

Office Routines
House Routines
Personal Routines

I like to break up my routine tasks into each SAL. For some folks with a simpler life, a single SAL will be sufficient to hold all of the routine tasks.

Grouping routine tasks into a Routines SAL helps to differentiate these tasks from the one-off tasks that pop up.

It is possible to create a custom perspective that will show the routines from these SALS

In this screenshot, I can see my repeating tasks grouped by date (Today, Tomorrow, Next week, Next month, etc.). Then inside each date group, the repeat tasks are sorted by the SAL (personal, house, office, family, etc.).

Of course, you can change the grouping and sorting to fit your personal preference.

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Thanks wilsonng. I forgot about the ellipsis inside the circle, I have things set up with custom columns so the dots were pretty small but still visible once I was reminded what to look for.

I have a similar set up to yours it sounds like where all my repeating tasks are in a folder and each belong to a single project Minutes, Daily, Weekly, Weekday etc.