Potentially wrong email address for "Contact Omni" on "Help Menu"

It’s going to ofpreview@omnigroup.com instead of support@omnigroup.com

Minor problem I know but confusing as I got a standard auto responder re the preview program which may confuse people looking for support.

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What build are you using? The final non-preview build should be using omnifocus@omnigroup.com.

I’m running OmniFocus 2.0 (v87.3.0.209824).


This is the same issue for me running:

Omnifocus 2.0 (v87.3 r209824)

It opens with to: OFpreview@omnigroup.com
Subject: OmniFocus 2.0 (v87.3.0.209824) Feedback (license #################################)

EDIT: This is from the OmniGroup Store not from the Mac App Store.

Can reproduce on the Omni Store version. Might be different in App Store?

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I’m also running the purchased pro version from the OmniGroup store

Folks who are seeing this: did you use a Public Test build of OmniFocus 2, or was the final build the first time you ran OmniFocus 2?

When I downloaded the 14 day trial off the homepage on launch day (couldn’t figure out how to get the update so I went and just said I’ll get the trial and throw my license on it after) it asked me to upgrade to 2.0 immediately after download. So while not on purpose, I was “forced” to use the public beta I think even if only for a few seconds.

On the Mac I used the test builds on, feedback is sent to "ofpreview@omnigroup.com" even when using the final build.

I installed the same downloaded version on another Mac where no test builds werde used prior to this and feedback and this machine sents feedback to "omnifocus@omnigroup.com".

Okay, we think we’ve chased this down and will have a fix in soon. Meanwhile, we’ll try to watch both email queues, but omnifocus@omnigroup.com is probably going to get slightly faster responses.

Sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks for letting us know. When it’s released I’ll try to remember to check back and update if fixed on my end.

Flagged and marked in app to follow up between June 11–24th if you’ve released an update