Preference to not show specific Calendars in Forecast? [It's in view options]

I love the Forecast in OF2 but I would really like to screen-out a number of my Calendars (which don’t have “blocking” or task-related information).

Would that be possible to add some place, perhaps in Prefs?

I’m answering my own post :)

I didn’t realize this was available in VIEW… you can filter out calendars, exactly as I’d want to!

Nice job, guys :)

I know it’s a big and sometimes impossible task to “bring out” the power of a complex tool like OF2 in a way that is easy to approach. So far, I have to say I’m delighted as to how the OF2 team has balanced power-vs-ease-of-use – it just aces a little exploring of the UI to find a lot of things that I think “should” be there.

Thanks again :)


Thanks for responding to your own question. That’ll probably help someone else who’s confused.