Prerequisites tasks: task start 20 days after beginning of other

I need to know how to assign prerequisites to a task, as I want several task only beginning xx days after the the main one begins. I am doing everything manually in the calendar but it not handy at all…
We can say how much time a task can last, the beginning day but I am not able to assign this specific requirement.
Thank you.

Add the Prerequisites column to your view (right-click/ctrl-click the column headers and choose Prerequisites from the drop down list)

If you want Task 2 to follow task !, Put “1” (without quotes) into the Prerequisites field for Task 2 - then Task 2 will follow immediately after the end of Task 1
If you want Task 2 to start at the same time as Task 1, the it’s “1SS” (SS=Start-to-Start)
For Task 2 to follow 20 days after Task 1 - “1SS+20D” - this adds 20 days to the start to start relationship
If you have many tasks that you want to start at the same time after Task 1 starts, the simplest is set Task 2 as I described, then give Tasks 3, 4, 5 etc a start-to-start with Task 2. That way, if you need to change the 20 days to something else, you just change it at task 2 and all the others will follow task 2.

I hope that makes sense - if not, please ask

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Wow that makes sense!..once you know how to do it! Perfect.
Thank you so much.

@Diana Alternatively, you could set this task relationship up in the Task Dependencies Inspector:

@ains Thank you. I had tried before but couldn’t find a way to edit data there. But I could do it now indeed! Thank you.