Preserving Group Expanding/Minimizing Groups

I have a custom perspective that is grouped by Contexts. On other views, I can minimize a group, go to another view, come back to the original view and the section I minimized will still be minimized. However, on my custom perspective, whenever I come back to it, all the groups are always expanded.

Do you know how I can change the option so that my custom perspective retains memory of which groups I’ve minimized and which groups I’ve expanded?


Good question. I minimized a few projects in one of my perspectives, switched to another perspective, and returned to the previous perspective with the same result. I’m not sure if there is a way to do what you described at this point.

In OF1 there was a Take Snapshot option for Perspectives, and I think they may be working on that again for OF2.

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I’m bumping this, because this is my last gripe with OF2. I have a lot of projects so I’d prefer to keep them collapsed and expand them as needed, but switching views expands them all again. I wish the sidebar preserved which ones were hidden.

I just sent a feedback email to the OF team with this issue, very annoying.

I got a response from the OF team about how to fix this in a custom perspective:

  1. Open one of your custom perspectives.
  2. Click in the sidebar to expand/collapse projects as you desire.
  3. Click the View icon in the toolbar, and select “Save” near the top, just below the name of your perspective.

After saving, you should be able to switch away from that perspective, and the expansion state in the sidebar will be recalled the next time you load that perspective.