Prevent action from disappearing immediately on completion

Omnifocus 2 on the iPad. When in Context view, I complete an action and it disappears immediately, unlike the desktop version where it stays until you clean it up or change views.

Because the iPad is all fingers and thumbs, sometimes I accidentally mark an action completed and have it disappear without it being noticed. Is there a way to stop this happening so that a completed action remains visible up until I refresh the view?

The other quirk which is annoying when completing an action is that the view shoots back up to the top of the page. Losing where one is up to and also if accidentally marking an action complete, you’ve no idea where it was.

Maybe these are settings that I need to change, but I cannot see where to do this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I would like this feature too. The iMac version already has it.

You can submit a feature request to Omni support. I did too :)