Prevent auto cleanup without a date

Is there a way to prevent auto clean up on the Inbox? Specifically, I have my preferences check to clean up after both a project and context assigned and clean up after changing views. I would like to be able to assign a date by tabbing 3 times on an inbox message before it auto cleans up. If that makes sense?

Yeah! You can change the setting for clean up in your Organization Preferences:

If you select “When changing views,” your cleanup will be deferred until you leave the Inbox or explicitly Clean Up (by pressing ⌘K or hitting the Clean Up button in the toolbar).

It’s worth noting that this changes your setting everywhere, not just the Inbox – other changes that would move an item around (like checking off an item with a Remaining or Available view filter) will also leave that item there until you explicitly clean up or move to another view.

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