Prevent project headings appearing in Context view


When a project has no actions remaining it becomes visible in the Context view.

Is there a way to prevent headings from showing in Context view as they aren’t really Next Actions?



“Parallel” or “Sequential” are typically for projects that have defined outcomes (e.g. “Plan trip to Dublin”). If these projects don’t contain any actions they’re considered “stalled”. In other words, the next action to move this project towards fruition hasn’t been defined. Since OmniFocus doesn’t have any actions to display it instead displays the name of the project.

If you’d like to use a project to a group of related action where there’s no defined project outcome I recommend setting the type to “Single Actions”. For example, you might have an action of “Call to book oil change” in a Single Actions project (list) called “Car Maintenance”. If this project is empty it won’t be displayed as it’s not considered stalled.

I hope this helps…

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Thanks Tim

It wasn’t really the answer I was looking for but I did find the answer in another thread. There is a checkbox in the preferences to allow/disallow showing headings in context views.

Thanks anyway.


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