Print or Export with Inspector data (e.g., Estimated Time)

It’s vital that I create pdfs of completed projects, showing data from the Inspector, mainly estimated time, maybe context, etc. In v. 1, I could choose the columns I wanted, and simply save as pdf. In v. 2, the only way I’ve found so far is to export as CSV, open that in Numbers, spend a good deal of time deleting columns I don’t want, maybe re-ordering, and then probably importing into OmniOutliner for a nicer look, then saving as a pdf to give to someone. I might be unaware of a (hopefully much) better method.

I performed my first export and additional steps to massage the data. I thought I’d post in case it might be useful for The Omni Group in terms of thinking though a solution so that people can turn in reports with durations for their boss or client.

• Exporting as .csv (I’m pretty sure both versions), when then opened by Excel, results in accented characters like é, and others, to not render properly. That is likely an Excel issue (or maybe Excel import options?). Anyway, it’s not a problem with Numbers.

• Tasks groups and their actions end up being flattened (all put in the same column) which makes it hard to understand task groupings.

• Notes end up in a separate column, which is understandable. It’s just that I like the way they were are shown under the project/SAL/action in OF.