Printing from Outliner

What the * is wrong with OmniOutliner (4.6.1) with printing ?

It clips lines randomly, some longer lines that should wrap are simply clipped on right margin. Some are not. Then again, some lines are clipped at the bottom, sometimes even clipping bing chunk of text off from the bottom. These are not notes, but proper lines.

I have no idea how to fix this. I have adjusted font sizes, I have checked there is nothing extra in styles. Any helpful ideas out there ?. I am desperate, as I have long report to print out, and it’s a mess, and the export options (and results) are just a joke.

I am absolutely amazed that an application, with this maturity, and I have relied as top quality software behaves this way.

Sorry about this. Is this a file you’re willing to share with us? If so, please email it to We fixed the instances of such problems we were aware of in 4.5 and 4.5.1. We’ll need an example to see exactly what is going wrong.

Hi, thanks for reply.

Hummm…it seems that restarting OmniOutliner/reopening the document solved the problem (can’t say which one as Bothe were forced as my Mac restarted).