Printing Notes Cropped Across Pages with OO4 but Not OO3

When I print my outline with the the included notes, which are long blocks of text, the notes get cropped horizontally at the bottom of the page, with the rest of the cropped line showing up at the start of the next page. When I try the same thing after exporting and opening in OO3, there is no such issue; a full line appears at the bottom and the top of the next page, as you would expect printing any text document.

I am startled by a) not finding anyone else bring this up and b) why it broke in OO4. If I can’t fix this, I have to find some other program.

El Cap, OO4.4.1

I believe we’ve fixed this for OmniOutliner 4.5, which we plan to ship very soon. Could you try downloading the latest test build and see if it solves this problem for you?

The latest build appears to fix it. Thank you. It also deals with the next biggest problem I was having, which is wanting to print without printing the background. Thanks for that, too.

Found two minor issues. Terrible redraw when focusing on the highest level from one of its children, with background colors and Zoom at 150%. All the levels are graphically wiped out except for the one I had been focusing on. (That is, the rest are just smudges. Nothing readable.) This is not easy to reproduce but can be cleared by setting zoom to 100% and back.

Second problem, easier to reproduce, it to have previous print with all Notes, so that it is selected when I go to print again, but go to the print dialog without Notes showing. The print dialog has the print notes selected, but they do not show up in preview. I have to toggle between printing all to printing as displayed, and back again to get the state right. It appears to be a state issue.