Printing Options/Hints?

I have a number of checklists in my OF system that are used for common or repeating tasks.

I’d like to start creating a paper backup copy, sort of a manual of these tasks that can be more easily shared or delegated if someone else needs to do them for a while. I’ve tried focusing on a given project and printing it but you can’t tell from the printout whether the project is sequential or parallel and the repeat or review times.

Is there any way to force a header under the project name that would provide the additional information?

Doesn’t anyone have any ideas for how to add the additional information when I print out a project?

This functionality isn’t built in to OmniFocus currently, so you would need to use an exported format or AppleScript to build your printable report. Sorry!

OK Does anyone have any ideas on the scripts or hints on how to implement it?

Perhaps start here.

Wish editing printer output didn’t require CSS…

As mentioned above, the information Oogie wants isn’t even in the document, so editing its CSS isn’t going to work, unfortunately.

I’m a huge fan of Omnifocus, currently on v3 Mac, and iOS too, but candidly I’m somewhat puzzled how little attention print functionality visual appeal has been given in the Omnifocus world. Yes I do use the iPhone/iPad versions, but there is a time & place for a nicely formatted printout. I’ve tried the instructions in but I haven’t been able to make it work, either in OF2 Mac, or OF3 Mac. Has anyone successfully been able to alter OF’s print output make it look more appealing, and/or fit more on the page? Preferably in OF3, but even in 2? Thanks.

Hey Tim,
I recent developed a custom HTML template. You can check it out here. Feedback is certainly welcome.

If installation is an issue, let me know. Might be able to help.

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