Printing or Exporting without Due time

How can i remove the due time from a print or export.

I understand why its needed for me to know when a due time has past but this is not needed when sharing a simple task list with a team.

When I share a list of actions items with other people who are working on projects I want to just show them the due date. Having everything listed as a 12:00 am due time is to much detail.

( This has been asked for some time as a feature but can you also please please remove Omnifocus Projects from the title)

To customize what is printed from OmniFocus, you can modify the print stylesheet including using the 2 custom stylesheets linked to in the article. This technique allows you to define the title including removing the text entirely in your stylesheet. Other options which might help are to export to text, CSV, or HTML and edit the exported results outside of OmniFocus.

Hope this helps give you a few options!