Printing uses a smaller font in OO5

I’m working on a document that I created in OO4, and have now converted to the new file format in OO5.

When I print the document, I’m pretty sure that the fonts are smaller than they were when printing in OO4, though it looks the same on screen. To print at the same, larger, size, do I need to change something with the print settings, or the font in the theme?

Is this Pro or Essentials? We just discovered Essentials is incorrectly printing with scale to fit page width on. But in Pro, make sure that setting is off in the print panel. If that isn’t the issue we’d probably need to see an example. It should certainly be printing the same at the same scale factor.

Thanks @DerekM. I’m using Pro. I think I need to have ‘Scale to fit page width’ selected as the document has two columns and without that selected the second column (and maybe part of the first) falls off onto the second page.

Happy to send the file through to your support humans if that would help.

Ah, well then it could be a bit hard to compare between the two but it should scale the same under identical circumstances. When Scale to fit page width is on, the window width/width of the outline matters. Depending on how your document is configured, such if the outline column autosizes, then things like the sidebars being open will change your print result.

Thanks @DerekM, is there anything I can do to cause printing to ‘scale’ to a larger size?

The document is pretty simple - two columns: the first has lots of text in it, the second just has a person’s name, so it can be pretty narrow. What combination of autosize/fit to width is likely to result in larger printing in OO5?

When scale to fit page width is on, it’s the widths of your columns that matter as it takes the total width and scales it up or down however much is needed to match one page width. So, in your case, the narrower columns are, the less it will have to scale down.

We normally rewrap an autosizing column to fit within a printed page, but it looks like we have a bug where that stops working when multiple columns are visible. I’ve filed a bug, and hopefully we’ll get this fixed soon. (I think that will be a much better solution to this problem than scaling the outline to fit the page width and then trying to hand-tune your column widths to get the content to be the scale you want.)

Thanks Derek and Ken.

I had a quick play with the window size and column settings, and I think I got a slightly larger print out this time.

Thanks for the feedback and bug reporting Ken. The problem is not a show-stopper, though what I’m printing is used for public speaking, and so having nice, large type is very helpful.

(And full points for great interaction with customers. It’s another reason I enjoy using Omni software.)

Thanks OmniGroup. The point update you realsed recently has made my printed outlines look much better!