Prioritise projects vs tasks - Sorting indirect vs direct flagged tasks

Hi All,

I had this idea that I thought would be useful in OF and wondered what you think of it.

Currently if you either 1) flag a project or 2) flag a task as a parent of another task you get the nice ‘shallow’ flag icon on the tasks in those projects or under those parents (see ‘buy salmon’ and ‘buy salad’ tasks below). Great indicator that the task’s parent is flagged. However - those tasks are sorted amongst all other tasks that are flagged. This means flagging projects (unless you only list next actions) nor parent tasks very useful.

What about sorting indirectly flagged tasks below directly flagged tasks, but above non flagged tasks. So rather than mixing flagged and indirectly flagged tasks like this:

it would look like this, where the directly flagged tasks are at the top and indirectly:

This would allow projects to be flagged, but I can still chose what tasks to flag independently. I can also have child tasks (of parent tasks) as dependencies and decide when to flag and do them in isolation from the parent. What do you think?


What purpose is there to flagging a project or action group if not to flag all of the child tasks? If not all of the child tasks need flagging, then what does it mean to flag the project or action group? It’s similar to having a due date on a project, but having some of the tasks in that project have a later due date. It doesn’t seem to be meaningful to me.

If only some of the child tasks need to be flagged, then it seems the best solution would be to just flag those tasks, and not the project or action group.

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For me the purpose would be to flag important projects but still be able to flag tasks that I want to focus on separately. I may have tasks in those projects that I don’t want to ‘fully’ flag yet.

For me its not clear why flagging a project would mean to flag all its tasks. I might have 5 tasks in that project and I’d have to update the availability dates, sequentialise the tasks, etc. which is cumbersome if I don’t want all child tasks to be flagged automatically.

Might not be a useful idea…

I have a similar use, but I’m hoping to do it with multiple context tags. Still waiting on a timeline for that, but I would like to use a similar system to separate out my routines from my the things I need to get done today. Hopefully we’ll see that soon…