Problem moving from 2.0 beta to 2.0 final

I just finished purchasing and installing OF 2 after being part of the beta test. I successfully upgraded to the pro version. The problem is that some my own perspectives that I had added to the left-hand perspectives bar are missing when I open 2.0 final; if I open 2.0 beta back up, everything looks just how I left it. I’d appreciate any suggestions that would let me keep my customizations and not have to start from scratch. (Just to be clear, all of my data appears to be there, so things could be much worse.)

UPDATE: I think I’ve solved my own problem. I opened the perspectives window (“Show Perspectives” under the “Perspectives” menu) and saw that my custom perspectives were still there. Starring them put them back in the perspectives bar, in the order I had originally had them. I hope this will help anyone else who faces the same situation I did. Thanks to everyone at Omni for another great product!

@FlyingB I’m glad you figured out your problem. And it’s extra-helpful that you came back and posted the answer so others might benefit.

I’d still like to understand the situation a little more in case there’s a bug we ought to fix. Did you purchase the final app from our store or the Mac App Store?


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No problem. It was from the Mac App Store.

Yeah, that’s probably what happened then. The Mac App Store app keeps its data in a separate container, so it didn’t just automatically use your preferences and such from the test builds.

Sorry for the confusion.

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