Problem opening mail from link in note in OF2

I would like to be able to use either the service available in or drag-and-drop to send a link to an email message to OF2’s inbox. From there, I could click on the link to open the original email message. The problem seems to be that unless I’m willing to leave the original email in the Inbox in, the link doesn’t work. That is, when I double click on the link, I get a properly titled email window, but there’s nothing in that window. Completely blank. Doesn’t matter whether I send the link via the service or via drag-and-drop. If I’ve moved the email out of my inbox, I get the blank email window. Even if I apply the service or drag-and-drop to the email after I’ve moved it to another folder or archived it, I get the blank email window.

Any suggestions?

Using the latest version of OF2 on a MacBook Air with OS X 10.10.2 and the latest version of


Sorry for the trouble here! The link should be able to open the original email in Mail even if you’ve moved it into a folder or archived it. Try quitting and relaunching Mail. If that doesn’t work could you send an email to so we can investigate further?

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