Problem Reordering Tasks in an Action Group?


I’m having some difficulty manually reordering action items that are inside an action group in OF3 for iOS. I’ve reached out to OmniFocus Support, but they must be pretty busy because I haven’t gotten a response in 13 days (even after a follow-up two days ago).

I’ve included a short screen-capture video (below) showing what I’ve attempted to do (reordering actions within an action group), but OF3 just isn’t cooperating. Am I missing some step? All I’m doing is selecting the actions, and “dragging” them to the place I want them to go because that’s what I thought was needed, according to the Support Manual:

The problem is that, after lifting my finger, OF3 thinks for a second, and just pushes the actions back to where they were before.

Here is the video (6 MB .gif):

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-)


FWIW, I’m seeing this as well.

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At least I’m not the only one.

So far, it’s been 3 weeks and no response to my email from Omni about it. No idea what’s going on …

Hi folks! I’m really sorry for the delay. Between a higher-than-usual volume of inquiries to Support and the recent holiday, we have a backlog of emails awaiting replies. We’re working to get through them all as quickly as possible, and we apologize that yours have waited so long.

It does look like this is a bug. Since you’ve already emailed in, we’ll categorize it appropriately when we get to your email. As a workaround, you might try a different drag & drop that would produce the same result? For example, instead of dragging the bottom task in the group to the top position, does it work if you drag the top task to the bottom position?

Thanks for using OmniFocus, and for your patience — we really appreciate it.

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