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I’m trying OmniFocus 2.7.1 for Mac. In an Example-Project I have several actions and sub-actions, in the field “Note” are informations regarding to every of the actions and sub-actions. When collapsing an action, so that I cannot see the sub-action anymore, and afterwards expand this action again, the notes of the sub-actions are not shown in the project window (while clicking on a sub-action the information in the filed “Note” can be seen in the right corner).

Changing to an other project and back to the project, that did not show the notes before, helps for the moment, because than all notes are visible in the project window again. But in working with OmniFocus this behaviour is very irritating and keeps me off buying this product for my daily work.

It seems to be a refresh-problem. Anyone else with this behaviour? Can I do anything in the preferences?

Thanks in advance.

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I can reproduce this issue here. Thank you for reporting this. I’ll make sure this is shared with the team.

As a workaround, you can get them to refresh in the outline view if you hide/show notes again (command+option+’). You might try editing the notes in the inspector as another alternative. Sorry about this inconvenience.


I reported this bug on the 13 September and was told it was a known issue. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

Strange. Update to Version 2.7.1 is from 2016-09-23, one of the corrected bug fixes was “Notes — Fixed two problems where the notes field didn’t correctly expand when text was added”.

Poorly this problem was not fixed or is a new one with v2.7.1 :-(

Version 2.7.2 was just released, the bug is not fixed :-(

Omni Group, what’s up?

The notes issues fixed with 2.7.1 were different bugs. They happened with or without expand/collapse of rows in Sierra. While I’d hoped they might also address this specific issue, or reduce the frequency of the problem with notes you were encountering, the notes not refreshing in the outline view after expand/collapse of rows is not fixed at this time. The alternative workarounds mentioned above are the options to use until this is resolved.

While it is a known issue, there is no estimate on when it might be fixed, but we have added all comments sent to support as well as your comments here. The best way to report a bug (known or new, or even to request a feature) is an email to if you have not done so already. This problem is officially recorded as an outstanding issue that is not fixed with existing updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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