Problem syncing

I am not able to login to Omnifocus on my Mac, my iPhone, or my iPad. It is not accepting my password. On my Mac the message comes up “The server “Omni Sync” requires authentication, but my password does not work. I did try resetting my password and at one point accepted a “strong password” suggested by my computer.

On my iPhone, if I try to enter a new item into my Inbox, a message appears “Omni Sync” asking me for a password for cf83 (my user id) if I enter my password, the message box disappears for a second and then reappears with dots indicating the password I entered but I do not have access to the program.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Were you able to resolve it?

The problem may have started when I was exploring Omnifocus on the web and I did not realize that I needed a separate subscription and I think I accepted a “strong password”. I think I tried to use set a new password to login with my old password.

Fortunately all of my data is still in my Omnifocus apps on my Mac, iPhone and iPad

Any help will be much appreciated.

Charles Herr

Does this page help, Charles?

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