Problem with Badge Count

I have a problem when I’m in Project View. There is a project that shows a badge count of 12. (It is a single action list.) However, when I look at the items in this project, there are only 11 items in the list.

I used the View icon to make sure that ALL selected, so that no items are hidden.
I also just cleared the cache because I saw that suggestion from a few years ago on the old forum.

What would cause 12 to show up as a badge count when A) I can only count 11 items, and B) the item count that Omnifocus shows right under the folder name at the top of the middle of the screen tells me that there are 11 items in this folder.


I can think of one answer. The badge count includes action groups. So, when you have some items in an action group, the count increases. For example, this project would show a badge count of 8.

Project X

  • Action Group 1
    – Task A
    – Task B
  • Action Group 2
    – Task C
    – Task D
  • Task E
  • Task F


That’s it. Many thanks!