Problem with date format


My apologies if this is simple. I’ve searched the forums though and can’t locate an answer.

I’m having a weird issue with the way my dates are displaying. In system preferences on my mac, under advanced options for Language and Region, my short date preferences are set so that a short date format for Thursday, April 1, 1976 are 04-01-1976.

When entering a due date on an item in Omnifocus for December 4, 2018 and using 12-04-2018, in my Project List, Omnifocus is displaying that as -12-042. When I click on the calendar in the details of the item, at the top of the calendar it shows Dec 2. That’s it.

All of my other programs seem to be working correctly. I’ve stopped and started OmniFocus.

I’ve attempted to upload a screen shot to illustrate.

Any help would be appreciated.

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