Problem with file size after deleting an imported image

The file should be roughly 53kb but I’m experimenting with importing images and the size of my database went up to 8MB. But I deleted the imported image and the size still remain at 8MB. What’s going on?

Hey @tboo! Sorry about the unexpected behavior here.

Once an image is attached to a task in OmniFocus, the app is conservative about deleting that image, in case any other syncing devices are still referencing the task. (Some devices can be offline for an extended period of time, and OmniFocus needs to handle rare cases where those devices come back online and require the image to still be available.)

Rest assured that after the image is synced once, it’s not using any more network traffic during subsequent syncs — but it may take a little while to fully disappear from your local database on every device. For more details, you can always feel free to contact our support team.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

Good to know that there’s a reason behind this! I feel a lot better knowing this.

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