Problems in understanding how to define perspectives

I want to define a couple of custom perspective and I can’t figure out how to define them. My standard view is the view that is default when OF is installed but then I want to a few other and while I can figure out most settings I don’t understand how I can

  • define one perspective without sidebar/inspector and some other with. Switching between them should automatically show/hide them

  • change window size

  • control if the contexts are shown or not, for me they seem to always show up.

I assume I can control this but I can’t figure out how.

Settings to allow the first two options you want were available in OF version 1. They were “removed” in OF version 2. Some hope exists, based on discussions and notices in this forum, that these settings will eventually be incorporated back to OF 2.

Contexts can be included or not included based on whether the Perspective is a Project or Context view as well as whether the Context is active or on hold. The settings for all this are in the View panel.


Ahhh, that explains why it doesn’t work :D

Thanks for the info, I’ll see if I can get the context part to work.