Problems With 1) Past Due Items and 2) Forecast View


Having a problem where past some due items aren’t showing up highlighted.

Also, when I adjust the dates on an item they don’t show up properly in forecast view. They just… go away?


Can anyone help me?

The first thing I’d try is rebuilding the database: File, Rebuild Database…

Hopefully it’s as simple as that to fix.

No improvement for either the misbehaving red/yellow highlighting or the forecast view. Here’s another example moving the defer date, and then the due date, to an otherwise empty date. The task is removed from forecast view entirely.


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The same problem I have, and I can’t do anything with it!!

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Are you having both problems, or just one?

Have you posted about it? Have you received any help? My issues started some time in the last 4-5 weeks I think.

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Does anyone have any ideas? I’m really struggling with this. Here’s another GIF showing the aberrant behavior.


I didn’t reply before, but you should get in touch with support to get a proper answer to this, it seems.

You might want to send along a copy of your (anonymised) database. The anonymiser is is available from the Help menu.

Another weird thing is the next deferred and next due dates are showing the year as 12017 instead of 2017 in the case of the task that is not highlighted. I would contact support for this rather than forums.

I hadn’t noticed that! This might be part of the problem, if the date parser is getting confused.

@cfriend, you might want to change your system settings to show full year numbers and see if you can identify a problem that way. Adjusting dates by editing part of the date may be causing an issue.

I did finally fire off a support email yesterday. I was hoping it was something simple that someone here could point out but unfortunately not.

I didn’t notice that either. I’m trying to reproduce that while waiting for support to write back.

Thank you both.

I removed the images and GIFs for privacy, but the 12017 year turned out to be the key.

From support:

On the previous screen in your System Preferences, it should show which calendar option you’re using. Is that set to use the ISO 8601 calendar?

We do have a bug in our system that seems to be triggered by using the ISO 8601 calendar. The bug causes assigned dates to be off by 10,000 years. Of course a date that far in the future doesn’t really make sense, thus the odd behavior. I’m afraid the only solution I know of is to not use the ISO 8601 calendar in the System Preferences. If that is the case here, you’ll need to quit and relaunch OmniFocus after making that change. You’ll also need to manually fix the dates on any items that already have an assigned date.

Thanks everyone!