Problems with Subprojects now being displayed as Actions in OF2

I’m having trouble understand the implementation of subprojects in OF2. In OF1 if I dragged some actions into another action, the parent action would become a subproject. It would lose it’s completed/context fields since it’s no longer an action, etc, making it clearly become a container and not an action. But in OF2 it retains those so it appears as being an action with a context also containing other actions with their own contexts. This is really confusing, how can the parent action have one context and the children actions have their own contexts? How can a parent action have one due/defer date and children another? I don’t understand what exactly this “container action” is supposed to be. In OF2 parent actions/subprojects have become this pseudo half-action-half-subproject which I’m not sure what to do with.

This becomes even more confusing in Contexts. Both ‘subprojects’ as well as top level projects show up in Contexts as actions that you can check off etc. This makes no sense to me in the context of GTD or in general, you don’t check off projects, you check off actions. I have a hard time telling if I am checking off an action or a top level project and this is dangerous because I could accidentally check off a ton of actions. There should be some way to hide Projects and Subprojects in context view.

Finally, why don’t subprojects show up in the sidebar just like subcontexts do? It would make subprojects more useful.

The problem is that action groups (what you are referring to as “subprojects”) really are themselves actions. This is how it has always been, and the OmniFocus 2 user interface better reflects this reality.

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That’s the core reason I don’t use them, they should become projects in my mind, that would allow me to use sequential sub-projects in a parallel main project. My project list is littered with projects starting with the same title to get around this and the lack of effective tagging.

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I just keep it simple: use action groups when I need sequential groups in a parallel project.
Making sure in Preference, I don’t have the following setting checked: “Include projects and groups” (in perspectives without project hierarchy).

The other thing I don’t like is the action group isn’t shown in other views or on mobile. This isn’t a new issue, I would find it more useful if the display in the project column was project:action group.