Project Actions

Hi all, I was wondering how people handle projects when the next action is a calendar entry. The next action is ‘Carry out premises inspections’ and this is scheduled on my calendar for a particular day (although in practice, it may take longer than a day). The action after that will be ‘Log inspections in database’.

Should I leave the project empty, put it on hold?

Thanks in advance.

I might be misunderstanding what you’re trying to do but …

Could a simple solution be to add the inspection as a task with a defer date/time and a duration or a due date/time? I know that means duplicating some information (because you presumably need to keep the calendar item because it’s a professional appointment), but then the following task becomes available as soon s you mark the inspection complete.

Sorry of that’s missing the point

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No, you haven’t missed the point at all.

In GTD, tasks that are scheduled for a particular day are placed on the calendar rather than your next actions lists, I suppose I was trying to avoid duplication.

However, I may be missing the wood for the trees. Your suggestion solves the problem. The state of the project is obvious with a simple glance and there’s nothing on my next actions list until the day the event is scheduled.


If it satisfies your GTD brain a little better, you could enter it as a task with a waiting context.

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