Project Folder Script

The link above is to a script that creates or opens an existing folder for your current project within OF. If you haven’t created a project folder with the same name as the project within OF, the script will create one for you. If you have created one, it will open it for you. I have noticed that when the script creates a folder for you it leaves behind a file, that will lead you to the project with OF. If you had already created the folder, and the script opens it for you, it doesn’t leave behind this cool little file.

Does anyone have any experience with this script, or know how I have force the script to leave the file behind, even if it wasn’t the folder creator?

I tried your script, but I wasn’t able to figure out how to change the folder path. Instead, I am not using this script ( which just lets me choose an existing folder or create a new one using the browser. It would be great if I could make those links as part of this script, but I like how easy this script make opening my folder when needed.