Project Info > Start Date can not be changed?

I can not change the start date for a project in Omniplan 3.

Any ideas?

@kcook It’s tough to say why you’re encountering an issue changing dates without taking a look at your OmniPlan project. Most commonly, unexpected scheduling behavior is caused by constraints or locked dates. The “Show Scheduling Influences” option in OmniPlan provides a convenient way of checking to see what factors are affecting the scheduling of specific tasks in a project.

If you’re still having trouble changing the start date for the tasks in your project could you send our Support team an email with a copy of your project? If you’d prefer to send an anonymized copy of your project, you can do so by selecting Help > Anonymize Database… in the OmniPlan menu bar. This will create a copy of your OmniPlan project, replacing all of the text in your project with “Xxxxx” strings.

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For your info I am able to change the start date by the normal means (through the Project Info Tab). If you have any other information to your specific Project I will try and assist.

@ains I also have the same issue. When I export my omniplan, it goes way back to 1917 so that I end up have a long blank in the front and short messy look at the end. I checked my project date (5/12/2017) which is correct, just cannot export or print properly. Can you help?

@Florence My best guess is that there is a start constraint in your project set to a date in 1917, and OmniPlan is attempting to draw this constraint when exporting. Setting this constraint to 2017 (or deleting it entirely), should resolve this issue. If it doesn’t, or if you’d like help tracking down the problematic start constraint, our Support team would be happy to take a look at your file with you! They can be reached at