Project Names not appearing within Revierw

All, I have a problem that has persisted across all versions including OF3 on IOS.

My projects grouped with sub projects:

For example, I play with 3 different bands and have tasks associated with each one.


  • Band 1
    • Administration
  • Band 2
    • Administration
  • Band 3
    • Administration

When I do a Review of the above three projects, all I see is “Administration” three times

Is there any setting that would allow me to show the full project name (hierarchy) within the revierw section?

For example:


Now with a view like this, I can defefiintely see which project I’m reviewing.

I have had several admin projects, too, and just took to renaming them Admin <topic>. This disambiguifies the project for review, but also for autocomplete when adding tasks via quick entry or entering projects for inbox tasks, so it accomplishes a few benefits.



Thanks @heyscottyj

That makes sense. I just changed all my admin names over to that format.

My Admin projects are named " admin," much like @heyscottyj. Typically, a topic is a client or another area of responsibility. The admin projects also tend to be Single Action Lists that I don’t want to “complete.” I keep them around for miscellaneous tasks relating to that client or area of responsibility, even when they are empty of remaining tasks.