Project score calculation system

Hey everyone.
I want to setup an project score system for my OF. This is how I do:

  1. I add “[score]” to notes for every task. For example, for project “study CSS”, I plan to give it 20 points. So I write down “[20]” in the note.
  2. Every day I calculate the total score of completed tasks
  3. if the total score>100, i can add one new task to award myself one gift.

I want to use applescript to make this process automatically. Could anyone help me?

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You could use duration for this and save yourself a lot of work. (Unless you are already using duration, of course.)

Thanks anamorph. Is there any applescript to calculate the total duration automatically?

Why not use an app that does this kind of thing? I’ve never used it but it sounds like Habitica on iOS devices does something similar to game-ify your productivity. You have a bunch of tasks (quests). Complete each quest and gain experience points. Level up when you finished enough tasks.

I haven’t tried it myself but it sounded interesting. I don’t know if I would need a scoring system to reward myself. I just go to my Today perspective, finish off as many as I can and then reward myself.