Project template with deferred dates

I would like to use a project as a sales pipeline:

Project name (sequential) --> paused as I will duplicate it for each prospect
-Identification of needs
-Follow up
-Close deal

However I would like to setup a template with due dates: After completing “Proposal”, have a due date for “Follow up” 1 weeks after.

I don’t find a way to setup this as I would like a template: I can only setup a fixed date.
Is there a way to create a template with relative date, like “1 week after last action”?

Thanks !

I don’t believe there is any built-in way to set up an action (in a template or otherwise) to have a due date relative to the completion date of another action. However, I have seen references to Applescript-based template add-ons to OmniFocus that might do something like what you want.

Thanks for the answer, do you know if there is a way - other than disabling a project - to create a template?