Project with Sequential actions ... and individual repeat functions

It’s likely possible to get the behavior I want, but I cannot figure this out. It’s hard to explain without some context.

I would like to begin fermenting more of my food. I have different priorities of foods I want to do this with, say, vegetables are highest priority, then oatmeal, and so on. However, each food will have its own repetition for a defer date. If I ferment vegetables, it should defer out a repeat of 5 days. However, with oatmeal, only 3 days.
All according to the last completion (and if I rarely get to the lowest priority of foods, no big deal.) I also only want to see the next available action for this project in perspectives and whatnot.

Ideally I would easily be able to glance and see what the next available action is - if it’s been 5 days since last vegetable ferment - then it should be that. Otherwise, it should be oatmeal. And so on.

So, I make the project sequential, and I load up all the foods, and set there repeating schedules. All good. The problem is, once I complete the vegetables, that action gets deferred - but then the oatmeal does not pop up as available. The deferred vegetables action effectively blocks the rest of the sequence from being available.

Can any OF ninjas out there help me find a solution?

You are doing your vegetables and oatmeal (and other stuff) in parallel, right? If so, you want to set up each item in a single action project not a sequential project.


You’re right … I was using sequential in order to only see the first available in a perspective, but upon further investigation, the way I accomplish that task is simply by using a filter rule called “first available.”

Thank you!

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