Projects and action groups not shown in bold

I like to be able to see action groups and projects as tasks in my lists.
However it is important for me to see at first glance that they are action groups/projects and not just tasks.
For me they are not shown in bold font (as they were in OF1) so that is really confusing. I have no way to easily separate them from tasks.

I hope that this is a bug and not a design feature?

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Hmm… they are bold for me. Could you post a screenshot of them not being bold?

Here is a screenshot of OF 2. “OF-förbättringar” should be bold since it is a project with no remaining actions.

This is the same perspective in OF 1, showing “OF-förbättringar” in bold.

Here is proof that it is a project with no remaining task (from OF 2):

Happy to hear that it is supposed to be in bold @lizard :)

By the way, I see them bold in some perspectives!
The details for this perspective where they are not bold are

But it works for this perspective

I guess I should send this as a bug. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I see a similar issue in OF 2.2.3. Actually some projects show in bold and some not in the same perspective. Seems to be due to whether the project has had a task in them that has been completed or not. This how I assume nested tasks decide whether they should show up as bolded. But projects should always show as bold.