Projects vs. Actions

I’m struggling with using projects and would like to know how other people would define a project.

I am currently working toward implementing a new case management software solution for my team. I created a Project in OF called ‘New Software Implementation’. Completion will be achieved when the software is installed, configured and the team has been trained.

The first major task that I had to complete for the project was the actual purchase (we have a whole procurement process that we follow at work). Now that the system has been purchased there’s no more tasks for me to do and there won’t be for a while. The next stage for me would be the configuration. Following that I will be carrying out the training and creating procedures.

My question is would it have been better to have created a project called, ‘Purchase new software’. then, when the software is installed, create a new project called, ‘Configure new software’ and so on.

This way, I would be able to look at my projects list and see exactly what I have on my plate. I feel that by creating the ‘New software implementation’ project it just sits there getting in the way even when there is nothing to actually do on it.

Any thoughts?

Personally, I think all those actions belong together in the project, as you have them.
Perhaps setting the project On Hold would be the right thing to do when you’re waiting for the next phase to begin?

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