Publish completed items as calendar alarms

I work as a consultant and occasionally I need to report recent progress back to a client. For this, I have been using the “Completed” perspective to get an overview of what I’ve been up to.

Recently I enabled “Publish due items as calendar alarms” in the Notification settings, providing a quite useful view in my calendar app, when I am scheduling new meetings and such. I quickly realised that having a second calendar in there with my completed tasks would make progress reports and similar a lot easier to get an overview of.

Basically all I am looking for is an extra line under “Publish due items as calendar alarms” in the Notification settings - just like it, but for completed items.


Interesting idea. Currently I am working out of the widely popular

“completed” perspective, but, of course, it’s not integrated with Your schedule any more… maybe it can serve as a way to bridge until the Omni people word up ;-)

Yep. That is my workaround for now. It works, but is indeed not as nifty as calendar integration would be :)

Is Calendar AppleScript-friendly?
If not, the ical file format is pretty straightforward. I can imagine an AppleScript that would find all completed items (throughout, or in a particular project, or in a recent period of time) and create a calendar out of it.