Pulling Taskpaper into OF for IOS

I have a number of Taskpaper templates which I continue to use.

Up until now I’ve used the venerable yet trusty Editorial with the files stored in Dropbox.

Dropbox’s poor attitude on the Mac (adding itself to the dock and asking for permissions it doesn’t need) has led me to move everything away from Dropbox which leaves me with a problem as Editorial doesn’t support iCloud.

What are people using to Store and Amend Taskpaper templates and then to import them into OF for IOS?

Thanks in advance

I use either shortcuts in iOS or drafts iOS/Mac to get taskpaper templates populated and into OF

for drafts the setup is somewhat similar to the one @rosemaryjayne wrote up here:


The shortcuts variety just contains the taskpaper template and asks me what entries I’d like to add, after which it puts it into omnifocus. (am in the process of automating folder/project selection)

On the mac I use a variant of Curt Clifton’s Populate Template Placeholders as well


Btw: This week’s automator podcast features all possibilities you can ever want to do this:



Thanks Janov, I only use OF on IOS, but drafts is a good shout.

I have several that are stored in Shortcuts which, when executed, take care of variable management (like defer/due dates).

I have a lot of love for Drafts, but wanted to throw in an additional no further costs/downloads option.😁


Thanks Scotty.

I need to sit down and play with Shortcuts properly, especially the decisions and loops. I get frustrated when trying to build shortcuts on the iPhone because I want more space, but a lot of the things I want to play with aren’t available on the ipad, especially Health. So annoying.

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