Push things a day forward?

Hi. I’m using omnifocus to chart out a study schedule sequentially for topics I want to cover. Today however due to unexpected circumstances I missed out on the tasks to do for today. How do I push all the tasks in my project (aka subject) forward by one day so I can see what my week looks like? Thanks for your help!

If you’re on a Mac, you can open the Inspector and the select all the tasks (shift-click) and use the +1 day button for Due. Does that do what you want?

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not really, that just pushes everything to tomorrow. is there any other way?

Wasn’t that what you wanted to do?

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You can command click to or shift click multiple tasks and the type In the desired date in the defer date field in the right side inspector panel. You can also type in something such as 1d to defer by 1 day or 2d for 2 days.

Clicking on the +1 day button does the same thing. It sure sounds like what you wanted.

But I am going to guess that you have a bunch of defer dates already assigned with different dates and want to defer all tasks 1 day forward?

I think I have a different alternative but you may not like it. It’s a bit more manual.

Create a sequential project (tasks that must be done in a sequential order). Set the review date of the project to daily.

The first task will be what you need to work on. You need to read Chapter 10 before you can advance to Chapter 11.

When you check off “read Chapter 10” as complete, the next task (Read Chapter 11) will be up next. You can then set a new defer date for the new task. As you complete tasks, you can set a new defer date.

In the morning, you can go to the review perspective and see this sequential project. You can tweak just the next defer date.

The key is doing the review every morning. It takes only a minute to look at the project and change just the next defer date. Perhaps you can defer just the next 3 defer dates?

Otherwise, you’ll have to create an AppleScript that will go through the selected tasks and advance it by X days.

I vaguely recall a feature request in these forums about doing what you wanted.

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