Push-triggered syncing in OmniFocus 2.6 for iOS

We’ve posted a detailed description of how push-triggered syncing works in the upcoming OmniFocus v2.6 for iOS:


Please note that Push-Triggered Sync registrations are completely separate from the Omni Sync Server, so people who use their own servers can still push-sync.

We’re starting TestFlight builds of v2.6 today:



Definitely very happy to see this, although I’m a bit unclear on exactly how this is handled on the Mac side. At this stage things seem to be working fine between iOS devices, but changes made on the Mac still aren’t syncing across, so I’m guessing the necessary updates haven’t yet been made to the Mac test builds?

OmniFocus 2.2.1 for Mac Test builds can trigger syncs on other iOS clients syncing to the same database, but they do not receive push notifications yet.

EDIT: Not yet! Look for push triggering in OmniFocus 2.2.1 builds soon.

Because we can’t use Apple’s push servers for Mac Apps not purchased through the App Store, we’re going to have to implement that piece of the push architecture ourselves, and we didn’t want to hold back iOS because of that.


Thanks Dave. That’s pretty much what I was hoping for – I realized that getting standard push notifications for a non-MAS app wouldn’t really be doable, but hoped that something else was in the works.

That said, so far I haven’t seen changes appearing on the iOS side when something is updated on the Mac except when the iOS app is open (which has worked fine for some time anyway).

The Mac app is actually usually pretty good at updating when something changes on the iOS side anyway, although I don’t know if that’s just luck or if it’s more actively watching the database when it’s running.

It looks like that’s expected right now; sorry for the confusion! I’ll update this thread (and the OmniFocus Mac release notes) when the test builds start triggering pushes.


Okay, if you’re on TestFlight you’ll want OmniFocus 2.2.1 test (v96.3 r235338 built Jun 5 2015), which is now available in Software Update, or later.


Thanks, just downloaded it, and it’s working great now! :)

r235338 is working well for me too, and is triggering push syncs on my iOS devices running the TestFlight beta

We released 2.6 for iOS today! Here’s a blog post detailing the rollout of Push on our servers:


Is there a known issue with the current Mac versions and triggering push syncs? This seemed to be working fine in the 2.2.1 r235338 test build, but somewhere around the 2.2.2 release and even in today’s 2.2.3 test (v96.7 r238605 built Jul 22 2015) it no longer appears to be working for me.

OmniFocus from my other iOS devices triggers syncs between them without any problems, but it’s not working from my Macs on either OS X 10.10.4 or the 10.11 beta, Bonjour push still works fine in this case if the OmniFocus app is open and both devices are on Wi-Fi (of course), but I don’t even see a “Received Push” in the sync log when a change is made on the Mac, over either Wi-Fi or cellular.

I am seeing the same thing, with OF Mac r238605 and iOS TestFlight r238466

Thanks for reporting the problems with push triggering on the Mac!

It looks like test builds aren’t triggering right now, but release builds should be. You should be able to revert to 2.2.2 and then watch the 2.2.3 release notes for mention of fixing the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Okay, this build should have the fix (you can also check for updates to download it automatically):



Thanks, confirmed it is working now with r238910!

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Yup, confirmed here as well. Thanks!

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