Put cursor in title field when doing Send to Inbox

I’d like to make a feature request for when adding a task via the Send to Inbox in programs like Postbox. The popup for the new task has the who message selected, but i almost always want to just edit the title, to turn it into an action. I have to go to the mouse or trackpad and select just the title field. Not a huge hardship, but it would be nice if just the title was selected so I could just start typing.

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When I invoke the OmniFocus 3: Send to Inbox service in Mail, the subject of the email is used for the default title of the action and the title field is selected by default. I haven’t looked at Postbox in a while and can’t remember how it works with this service.

In any case, when the title is selected there’s a lot you can do without having to take your hands off of the keyboard. For example, with the title selected you can press the left ← arrow key to jump to the start of the title and the right → arrow key to jump to the end. You can also tab ⇥ between fields in the Quick Entry window.

On a side note, this forum is intended to facilitate communications between users of Omni’s apps. If you have a feature request, I recommend choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu and sending an email to the Omni Group.

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