Putting circle around line labels?

I think the labels look a little off, is there a way to emphasize them by putting them in a circle? I can put a circle on top, but then it’s not connected to the line, so I’d have to move it every time I change my layout


Sure! This advice is based on OmniGraffle version 7.9

If by “put them in a circle” you mean each label in a circle:

  1. Select just the line labels.
  2. In the Object inspector under Shape, choose Circle.
  3. Set a stroke/fill as desired.

If by “put them in a circle” you mean control the placement of the line label on the line itself:

  1. Select the line labels.
  2. Under the Object Inspector in Geometry, adjust these 2 sliders to control the label position as shown below.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, the first recipe worked! (it was oval at first, but then I could adjust dimensions in Geometry Inspector)