Quarantine Inbox #script

Do you also have tons of tasks in your inbox that you probably never get around to do? Then I just made the perfect script for you.

This script first creates a new project and then moves all inbox tasks to it. After it is done with that, the project is marked as dropped and all those pesky inbox tasks are out of sight, forever.

Problem - I’m getting a 404 error when I go to the gist link.

I did find the script by deleting the last section of the URL. The script seems incomplete, though, it generates an error when I click on Compile.

Hi, I had a typo in the URL, which is fixed now. The script compiles with no issues on my machine.

Just found odd that one would keep tons of tasks in the Inbox.
And if you do, why not simply…

… delete all of them

  • ⌘A, ⌘⌫

… or, if you really want to have them as a dropped project

  • ⌘A, ⌥⌘G, <name-the-new-group>, ⌘!, Edit>Status>Dropped


Oh, I see why I had problems compiling - the script wasn’t completely in there. I must have been in there while you were editing it or something. In any case, thanks - going to try it out!