Query about Viewing the full context when using project perspective


I have Agenda and Waiting contexts, within each I have the names of people I work with, many people are in both, for example


When I use the Projects perspective to review actions the context only shows as Fred, is there away to tell OF to display the full context so I can easily see whether the action is for me as an Agenda item next time I see or speak to Fred or I am Waiting for Fred to do something for me.

I use OF on a Mac, iPad and iPhone - most of my day is spent using the iPad as my Mac is at home and not in the office.

Thank you for your help

There’s a way to do this in OmniFocus 1: Preferences > General > ‘Show full hierarchy…’

However, there’s no way to do this in OmniFocus 2, as far as I know. I recall that Kourosh Dini mentions in his book, Creating Flow with OmniFocus, that he uses a hypen in front of some contexts to denote the difference. I have a very DrJJWMac setup using an emoji in front of the context, so I might do something like this:

Agenda: 📝 Fred
Waiting: 📥 Fred

It’s a nice visual way to know which context it is, rather than remembering which one has the hypen.

Edit: see another thread on this topic.

Emoji’s works for me, thank you.

Hi, you said you have a very DrJJWMac setup, is there a site anywhere that describes this setup?

Thank you for your help

My setup is like @DrJJWMac mostly in that I use emoji in my contexts and some actions. I first read about their use of emoji in this thread about using limited contexts.

Oh man! Maybe I should claim copyright on the idea. :-)