Question about "Completed" perspective

In an online tutorial (from; OF2 for Mac, part 2), the use of the Completed perspective is demonstrated. In the tutorial, this perspective lists items that are “Not Yet Completed.” While that may seem counterintuitive, I actually like it, since it invites me to check off some tasks.

My question: How can I get OF2 Pro for Mac to display Not Yet Completed times in the Completed perspective?

I can’t get my own installation of OF2 Pro for Mac to display “Not Yet Completed” items when I choose the Completed perspective. I see all kinds of possibilities for tweaking this perspective or even creating a custom perspective, but I don’t know which options to go with.


Umm, I might have figured this out, though I don’t know that it’s the best way. I edited the “Completed” perspective so that “View / Filtering / Filter by availability” is set to “All”. Then I saved this change.

I’d rather leave Complete showing… well… Complete :D… and create another perspective for such case.

I haven’t seen the screencast. Maybe you want to contact Don McAllister from ScreenCastsOnline and ask him for clarification?

That’s a good idea. He was using the standard version of OF2. I’m wondering if that’s possibly the default for the Complete perspective, though I guess that would be surprising, given the name.

I see your point. For my part, I quit worrying about consistency and logic a long time ago. The world makes more sense when you don’t expect it to.

After thinking about it, I decided to go with your suggestion and leave the Complete perspective with its default settings but created a new perspective (I’m calling it “Status” for now) that starts the list with net yet complete items, followed by completed items sorted by date of completion.