Question about daily task that repeats


Let’s say I have a task of “write 500 words a day.” I want that task to repeat every day. IF I miss a day, I want it so that I “owe” Omnifocus two tasks (ie, I have to make up for the days I miss). I know how to do this in terms of repeating tasks … BUT, is there a way for the task to show up everyday in the forecast view, as opposed to only the FIRST day it’s due (in other words, I just put in the task, and it is showing up in forecast view for today, but not ongoing days …)


There is only ever one instance of the task, and it moves to the next day on completion, you get to choose if the next repeat is based on the due date or the completion date in the repeat settings.

If you want to see it every day in your forecast view then setting it as a daily repeat in the calendar is the only way I can think of.

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