Question about file storage/linking in omnifocus


I write in scrivener and there are sometimes when there is a project that i want to review i will drag the top icon of the Scrivener into the notes of an omnifocus task. Is this just an alias/link? Or Is this storing the whole Scrivener in omnifocus and causing bloat in my omnifocus database?

Also, the same questions goes for other file types ie pictures and mp3 files. Is it storing the full files or just aliases?

Edit > Attach File asks you to choose between one and the other.

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Hi @danklim! As @MarkSealey implies, OmniFocus lets you choose to link a file or to copy its whole contents into your OmniFocus database. Different methods of attaching have different default behaviors, but you can check the status of all your attachments at any time in the Attachment List, available under the Window menu.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

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Great thanks! A couple followups-

  1. Does the setting in Edit> Attach file set the setting for all files added to omnifocus or just one file at a time? For example, if i added a file using Edit> Attach file and selected for it to just create a link to the file- will every time that i drag a file into omnifocus note thereafter also just create a link to the file?

  2. I’m wondering if the files in Attachment list are causing omnifocus to slow down alot. omnifocus sometimes acts slowly on all my computers and in attachment list I see some pictures that are like 50mb for some reason. Is there any guideline towards how much data can be stored in the attachment list without slowing omnifocus down much? I also have alot of text only tasks in omnifocus, so that could be slowing it down too. Any recommendations about diagnosing where the issue is and speeding it up?

1 - one at a time

2 - I haven’t done any truly quantitative measuring; but have linked a fair few files - in both possible ways. And noticed no slowing whatsoever.

Good luck!

As far as database speed goes, I’m hesitant to cite any hard limits on task count or attachment size — we work hard to make sure OmniFocus stays responsive, and everyone’s workload (and hardware spec) differs.

However, if you’re noticing a consistent slowdown across multiple machines, or OmniFocus is slow to respond when performing one particular task, our support team can help diagnose those problems. Send them an email describing how OmniFocus is slow, and they can work with you to gather diagnostics and get things speedy again.