Question about Review Perspective

I have few projects set on my omnifocus 2 but when I switch perspective to Review it shows empty list.

How to fix this? Shouldn’t it is a prespective to review all of my projects?

Thank you.

In the Project Perspective, look at the inspector pane (or press CMD-OPT-I to activate it) and you should see a review section. My hunch is that you just created the projects, and depending upon your default review interval set in the app’s preferences, you won’t see the “Next Review” date for a week out.

One of my favorite things about OmniFocus is that it only shows me what I need to see: GTD-style review happens once a week. If, however, I want to manually look at all of my projects sooner than that, I just pull up the projects perspective and jump around.


@mss I was just about to say the same… @TheWart was faster :D
I have the impression you’re just starting, so maybe it’s too early for your projects to show up in there.

Thank you very much for the answer :)

Now I have better understanding about how this application works.


I have set default review interval to 1 day. In that way the projects that I create today show up for review tomorrow. Then I have a chance to think through the project a second time and after that is done I also change review interval to something more appropriate.